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Friday, April 1, 2011

Perfection Redefined

The title above is the slogan or catch phrase for the company Donnel Productions. And what this generally means is that people are used to a paradigm when considering the concept of perfection. However, Donnel Productions is here to create an awareness proposing a different yet possible true meaning of the word ‘perfection’.
Simply put, this idea refers to that which is excellent, the best, and that which is complete, the highest possible level, and sometimes a level not achievable by man. Nevertheless through the years we have come to observe that man has accomplished lots of feats that could be termed excellent, the best and complete.
Donnel Productions is a media company focusing on achieving these goals consistently and assisting the whole world to grow towards providing the best in quality and quantity of services and goods.
This blog is dedicated to the smoothest DJ in town (Calgary and its environs), as has been confirmed by fans and clientele privileged to receive our services. The photographs and videos you will find on the site are proof to that effect.
As a visitor to Calgary’s smoothest DJ blog please feel free to leave comments and make requests on whatever you see or feel about the page.
Thank you

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